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Product #:  77-COMPOST-6QT
Description:  6 QUART BAG One of the best Compost makers in the country ‘makes’ this beautiful, rich additive. One Tablespoon in a 3x6 Tray and two in the 4x8 Tray give the soil-sprouts all the nutrition they need for their short growing time. When you see the roots wrapped around the bottom of the tray you know they have good stuff to grow on and in turn nourish you. I do not recommend that sprouts be planted in this alone, as a soil medium it is ‘too rich’ the sprouts will be high in nitrates, we want a balance. Use this as a booster for you potted plant too! If you are a Square Foot Gardener add a cup of this wonderful Compost to each square as you plant, that will guarantee a steady supply of balanced nutrition and a soil conditioner for your garden plants.
Price:  $7.95


Price: $7.95

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