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Soil Mix for The Daily Gardener

The Daily Gardener  Soil Mix  After a lot of trial and error, I have found The Daily Gardener Soil Mix is the best for great, fast growing sprouts every time. These 1 gallon bags of soil mix plant about 9-3x6 trays or 4-4x8 trays. Just add 3 cups of water to the bag and you are ready to plant. I like the small bags both for planting and storage.  With The Daily Gardener Method we are just planting a small amount every day or so. It is easy to store and easy to handle the small bag versus huge bags of soil!



Compost is the Perfect Fertilizer  I include compost with every kit. Add a Tablespoon for the 3 x 6 trays and 2 Tablespoons for the 4 x 8 trays. Adding the compost gives the tiny shoots plenty of nutrients to grow over their short 'season'.  The Gourmet Greens grow fast and vigorous.
Compost Feeds the Sprouts from the bottom up.

The first time you harvest a pan of sprouts, observe the root system by pulling the soil out of the tray and turning it over.  If you can have a kid to help you with this all the better, because the kids will say "Oh Wow" for you!  There is a mass of roots that circles the bottom of the tray like a mat, it is an impressive sight and deserves child like appreciation.

This is what got me wondering if the sprouts could use a little food, so I tried a few different things for fertilizers.  I settled on compost soil like the Vermont Compost Plus.  This terrific compost is made right here in the Green Mountains of Vermont.  I include compost in each kits to add at the bottom of every tray before the pan is filled with the Daily Gardener Sprout Mix.  I also include Dry kelp Meal to provide the Soil-Sprouts with trace minerals.

Compost Feeds the Sprouts from the bottom up

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