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Seed Starting Kits in Your Kitchen
Working in a garden soothes and relaxes you, and the tender greens of growing things reward you with their beauty and their healthy additions to your fare. But what do you do when you live in an apartment with no piece of ground to your name? That's where we come in. We help you do your gardening right in your home. With our seed starting kits, you can garden anywhere.

Healthy Herbs and Heavenly Tastes
Seed starting kits make it easy to grow the sprouts and herbs that keep you healthy and energetic. And they take little room and effort. You will be amazed at the benefits your seed starting kit will give you and your family, like:

1. Freshly grown organic greens everyday - You don't have to fear E-coli in your seed starting kit

2. An easy way to grow soil-sprouts indoors - With a seed starting kit, you can satisfy the gardening urge anywhere your live, without a garden

3. A way to garden all winter with your seed starting kit - You don't need a greenhouse.

4. A gourmet treat for every day - Soil-Sprouts add delicious and unique flavors to your salads.  Mix and match them with other greens, or go 'all sprout'

5. Great nutrition - Radish greens have more Vitamin C than oranges, for example. The evidence is impressive.

6. Soil-Sprouts are the most productive square foot on earth!

Natural and Nutritious
We help you decide on the right seed starting kits, seeds and soils. Here are some of the things we offer:


1.  The Daily Garden Method
* The Daily Gardener Kit - Eight 3" x 6" trays
* The Sampler Kit - Four trays and four seed varieties
* The Farmer Pete Kit - Four trays and four seed varieties with supplies for a month.

                                2.  Soil-Sprout Kits
                                * Gourmet Garnish Kit - Two trays, one-seed variety 
                                * Green Thumb Kit - Four trays, one-seed variety
                                * Daily Gardener Kit - Eight trays, one-seed variety
                                * Farm Stand Kit - 32 trays, four-seed varieties


3.  Seed Starting Instructions
* In-depth instructions for all kinds of seeds, on our website, and they come with the seed starting kits you buy

4.  Seeds, Soils and Related Products
• So Easy - Even growing sunflower seeds indoors is possible
• Soil Mixes - Choose the right soil for your seeds
• Compost - Make them grow even better

Outstanding Organic Indoor Gardening
Check out what else you can find at The Daily, for your seed starting kits and indoor gardening. We have all these and more:
* Indoor Garden Supplies - Indoor gardening kits, gardening seeds, compost, soil and more
* Great Recipes - Many green salad recipes, even Cesar salad recipes and more
* Free Information - Check out what it takes to grow an indoor garden with seed starting kits, find information on the seeds, the soils, and even free wheatgrass information
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Visit The Daily, and get ready to start your indoor gardening adventure!

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