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Q. I forgot to water my seedlings and they wilted, is there anything I can do to bring them back to life?
A. As a matter of fact this has happened to me so I can tell you what worked to me. I soak the soil with lots of water, put the whole tray in a large plastic bag and place it in the refrigerator! This is like seedling CPR and I works, really!
Q. I read in the news that people got sick from sprouts, what happened and what can I do to protect my family?
A. I know how you feel, when they talk about e-coli it makes you pay attention. First the problem was not with soil sprouts, it was a problem with alfalfa sprouts, what I call ‘wet’ sprouts, because you eat the hulls. It is impossible to wash away every hull of alfalfa or mung bean sprouts, if there is dirt on the seed and the seed is not washed thoroughly before the seed is soaked there is a risk of contamination. Commercial sprouters of alfalfa and mung beans are now required to soak the seeds for 10 minutes in a 2% Chlorine solution. This is not required for soil sprouts, it is easy to wash the seeds BEFORE soaking the seeds, to pick off the hulls when you harvest, and wash the greens once they are cut.
Q. How much should I plant?
A. For one person I recommend that you plant one tray of each seed every other day. That means you want one 4-tray kit for each seed variety. If you are growing for 3 or 4 people, like my family, plant one small tray each of radish, pea, and buckwheat everyday and one large tray of sunflower everyday. That would be one 8-tray kit of radish, pea and buckwheat, and one Master Gardener kit of sunflower with the large trays.

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