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THE DAILY GARDENER METHOD:Fresh organically grown greens ready to serve everyday.

Fellow gardeners, let me explain The Daily Gardener method of planning and planting a Daily Garden. Using  the seed starting kits and indoor garden supplies in each Daily Gardener Kit you will be growing sunflower seeds, radish greens, Buckwheat Lettuce and Pea Shoots for you green salad recipes by planting a small amount everyday or so to harvest a continuous supply of fresh organic greens.  The gardening kits include everything you need to get started, just add water!


  • Designed to provide a continuous harvest of fresh green.
  • Plant a little every day and harvest fresh gourmet greens everyday.
  • Small trays for easy handling and windowsill gardening.
  • High yield from one square foot of trays, 10 to 15 pounds week!
  • The most productive square foot on Earth, plant 8 trays 3" x 6" 
  • Small trays are much easier to work with and find space for in your home.
  • The Daily Gardener Kit is 8 trays 3" x 6" - 1 every day of one seed variety.
  • The Sampler Kit is 4 trays and 4 seed varieties and supplies for 2 weeks.
  • The Farmer Pete Kit is 32 trays and 4 seed varieties with supplies for a month.


Daily Garden vs. Big Trays

The beauty of my system of growing greens is that you have small amounts ready to harvest on a daily basis so storage is not a big issue and freshness is guaranteed. Don’t worry about having enough room to grow the soil sprouts. All it takes is a shelf and a window sill. Even a kitchen counter and a light bulb will do the job if you are in a small apartment. Try the SALAD LOVERS KIT for lots of goumet greens every day.

The Daily Garden method suggests a different plan….plant what you will use in a day or a few days. So if you can use a tray of Sunflower greens every day, plant just that much. I learned this simple concept from Mel Bartholomew in the Square Foot Gardening book. Thanks Mel! If you use my large tray (4” x 8”) of sunflower greens, and a small tray (3” x 6 “) each of radish, buckwheat and snow peas, then you know that you need to plant just that much today also.

FARMER PETE KIT you see on the shelf, there are soil-sprouts at each stage of growth until day 4 or 5 when they go into the light.




The Trial Kits are great way to see which seeds you like the most. If you can only plant one variety, which one should it be? My bet is that you will enjoy all of the soil-sprouts so much you will want a Kit with all four seed varieties like the Farm Stand Kit.  When all the kids are home or we are having company, I'll switch to the 4 x 8 trays and all four seed varieties like the Market Garden Kit pictured at the left.



Trial Kits for each seed variety!


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