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The Daily Gardener Newsletters explore various aspects of organic indoor gardening.   We go over the ins and outs of soil-sprouts and growing sunflower seeds  to harvest fresh greens for your favorite green salad recipes.  My favorite one is the caesar salad recipe with sunflower greens, romaine lettuce and parmesan cheese for starters!  The Daily Gardener seed starting kits are easy to use, but I'll answer questions that come up over time and sometimes we both learn something new.  Sunflowers are not the only gardening seed I sprout, I explore new varieties, like purple radish, popcorn and catgrass (don't be supprised to find out this is wheatgrass' alter ego!) and I'll pass on new wheatgrass information

Compost soil is the basis of all organic gardening so I'll put on my Farmer Pete hat and 'get the dirt' on compost and gardening soil.  Feel free to ask questions or make suggestions for newletter topics, and let me know how you are using your gardening kits.  I will let you know when I find and add tools to my list of indoor gardening supplies to make gardening a little easier.  Most important to me, I hope you enjoy reading and learning, and I promise to keep every newsletter brief!

Newletter Archives

1. The Daily Gardener Newsletter Vol.6-1119 "Mary, Mary, how does your garden grow"

2. The Daily Gardener Newsletter Vol. 6-1201 "Visions of Sugar Plums"
3. The Daily Gardener Newsletter Vol. 7-0107 Compost: "Waste not, want not."
4. The Daily Gardener Newsletter Vol. 7-0203 Soil Mix: "The old is new again"

5. The Daily Gardener Newsletter Vol 07-03: 6 Good Reasons to Soil-sprout: soil vs jars.

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