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About Us - We are a Mom and Pop store!

Welcome to The Daily Gardener Website. This is a small family owned and operated store, dedicated to hobby gardeners like us. We live in Vermont, and the winter gets long for an avid gardener. I have great fun growing my soil-sprout garden all winter. Just like the outdoor garden I have found nothing compares to fresh, home-grown organic greens.

I use the Square Foot Gardening method by Mel Bartholomew for my regular garden and will be adding more information on general gardening in the future. For now, I hope you enjoy growing soil-sprouts as much as I do. To that end, I do encourage you to ask questions and send feedback. The best way to do this is to e-mail me at and remember to request TDG Newsletter when you send your e-mail! Let me encourage you to send photos or recipies too.

I have found that I am still growing soil-sprouts even during the summer garden season for the great gourmet flavors and the abundant harvest. Anytime I have a short supply of greens from the garden I know that in just 7 days I can be harvesting again!

Pete and Deb, and family

The Daily Gardener
P.O. Box 13 Suite: Maple Corner
2930 Dugar Brook Rd.
Calais, VT  05648
Phone: 802-477-2464

The very best way to contact me is with e-mail. I will answer any questions with an e-mail. If you want to talk with me send your phone number and request a call back or leave a message on the answering machine.
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