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Soil-Sprout Kits from the Daily Gardener

  • Grow fresh greens all year round with Soil-Sprout Kits
  • Create a beautiful Green Space in your Apartment, Condo, Dorm Room
  • Gardening kits make it easy to get started gardening indoors
  • One month supply of fresh seeds and soil with the kits
  • Detailed instructions with every kits
  • Kits include recipes to try, and introduces you to using gourmet sprouts
  • No more Cabin Fever with a beautiful indoor garden
  • Did a woodchuck eat all your lettuce?  Just start a new batch of Soil Sprouts to fill in for summer lettuce!

Kit Description

Each gardening kit is made up of trays, soil, compost and seeds. The number and size of the trays vary depending on the kit. Only the Sampler Kits, the Farm Stand Kit and the Market Garden Kits include all 4 seed varieties, all the rest of the kits include only 1 seed variety. Each kit, except the Trial Kits and the Sampler Kit, includes a 1 month supply of Seed and Soil.  Just add water, all gardening kits are complete and ready to use.

A kit to fit the needs of 1 or 2 people

  • Small gardening kits feature 3" x 6" trays
  • Gourmet Garnish Kit - 2-Trays 1-Seed Variety. Good for 1 person,  salad garnish or sandwich greens plant 1 tray every third day.
  • Green Thumb Kit - 4-Tray 1-Seed Variety.  Good for 1 person is 16 oz of greens a week.
  • Daily Gardener Kit - 8-Tray 1-Seed Variety.  Harvest salads for 1 person. Plant one tray everyday, 8 trays lets you plant and harvest on Day 7!
  • Farm Stand Kit - 32-Tray 4-Seed Varieties. This will provide 2 people with salad greens, sandwich greens and stir fry veggies for the month.  Harvest lots of Gourmet Greens.


Gardening for 2 or 3 or 4

  • Larger gardening kits feature the 4" x 8" trays. 
  • Double your garden size.
  • The Victory Garden Kit  - 2 large Trays 1-Seed Variety.  Plant 1 tray every 3 days to harvest greens to garnish salads and provide sandwich greens for 2 to 4 people.
  • The Master Gardener Kit: - 4 large Trays 1-Seed Variety. Plant 1 tray every other day for almost 2 pounds of greens every week.
  • Salad Lovers Kit  - 8 large Trays 1-Seeds Variety. This is for 1 tray everyday of one variety of seed.  For you salad lovers, add gourmet greens to salads and sandwiches.
  • Market Garden Kit, - 32 large Trays 4-Seed Varieties.  Choose this kit to supply 2 to 4 salad lovers everyday.  This is equal to 4 Salad Lovers Kits.



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