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Due out this September 21, 2015
Year-Round Indoor Salad Gardening:
How to Grow Nutrient-Dense, Soil-Sprouted Greens in less than 10 days
The Low-Tech, No-Grow-Lights Approach to Abundant Harvest is a 'field tested' manual, the product of several years of presenting classes to first-time and experienced gardeners alike. Even kids can do this. The most common questions are addressed. The Indoor Salad Garden motto is "you can't mess this up" so give it a try.

Read the reviews:

"This book is for anybody interested in eating local food; how much more local does it get than your windowsill? It is for anyone who wants to grow fresh greens in the winter--anywhere you might have a window sill. It is for anyone who likes a bargain; you spend pennies for greens that you could spend many dollars on. It is for anyone who is interested in eating greens for health; these sprouts are packed with health-promoting substances. It is for anyone who already gardens, and for those who think they can't. Peter Burke makes growing easy and makes eating local, healthy, delicious food, within the reach of anyone. This book is a game changer. I love it."
Dr. Claudia Welch, author of Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life: Achieving Optimal Health and Wellness through Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, and Western Science

It’s the dead of winter, and you’re craving a homegrown salad. The wilted lettuces at the local grocery can’t provide that fresh, satisfying crunch so familiar to backyard gardeners, not to mention the energetic rush you feel after eating a just-picked green. Thankfully, Year-Round Indoor Salad Gardening offers good news: in a few simple steps, you can grow all the fresh salad greens you need for the winter months (or throughout the entire year) with no lights, no pumps, and no greenhouse. In fact, you don’t even need a south-facing window! You read that right: all the salad greens you and your family can eat, even when it’s below zero right on the other side of your windowsill.
Fresh organic garden greens all year long
Indoor Salad Gardening all year is easy and fun.

The Daily Gardener Sale!  on our most popular kit, Farm Stand Kit, save money, grow your own!

  • Grow vitamin rich greens in your organic indoor garden
  • Super nutritious, soil grown sprouts for green salad recipes
  • Gourmet greens are cheaper than lettuce
  • Salad Lovers Kit provides either Sunflower Greens, Buckwheat Lettuce, Radish Greens or Pea Shoots with a tray a day, just 7 days  to harvest.
  • Harvest about 1 pound of green a day, from just 4 trays!
  • Market Garden Kit provides a tray each of Sunflower Greens, Buckwheat Lettuce, Radish Greens and Pea Shoots!  Plant today harvest in 7 days!

My indoor garden.
Learn about growing sunflower seeds for fresh greens everyday.
  • Everything you need to start organic indoor gardening now
  • Kits and refill supplies for easy organic indoor gardening
  • Garden anywhere,in a Apartment, Kitchen or even a closet
  • Use decorative pots to create a secret garden in the living room
  • Buy a kit with clear How-To instructions to insure your success
  • Do you get the urge to garden but you live in a Condo?
  • Would you like to Garden but don't know where to start?
  • Start your own Daily Garden today with seed starting kits

Add "Soil-Sprouts" to your garden

I love to garden, and one way that I continue to garden in the winter and extend the season is to garden indoors, growing sprouts. What I call Soil-Sprouts that is. If you haven't seen them, they are seeds grown in trays and harvested IN 7 DAYS for the young shoots. Do not confuse Soil-Sprouts with alfalfa sprouts or mung bean sprouts that are grown in jars.  I call them wet sprouts, because they are grown with water only, by rinsing the sprouts several times a day.  Soil-Sprouts, on the other hand, grow in a thin layer of soil mix in trays or pans, and are only watered occasionally.

  • Soil-sprouts are easy to grow and rewarding, they ultra rich in vitamins
  • It is fun for Gardeners young and old, give a seed starting kit as a gift
  • Great way for your kids to learn about the enviornment, grow sunflower seeds

I continue to grow Soil-Sprouts in the summer for the gourmet greens, to add to the garden harvest or fill in between crop harvests in the garden.  Learn about growing sunflower seeds, radish seed, buckwheat seeds and snow pea seeds for fresh greens everyday.

Spicy radish greens!
Grow Salad Greens on your Windowsill

I grow Sunflower, Radish, Buckwheat and Peas for salad greens. A Trial Kit lets you experiment with each variety to see what you like best or grow them all with the Salad Lovers Kit.  I grow wheatgrass as well, and add it to my salads, but it is more of a therapeutic green than a salad green! Check out the Wheatgrass page for more wheatgrass information.                          

 Note that the beautiful ceramic pot is just for looks, this one hold 2 of the small trays, and lets you 'hide' your garden right in the living room by placing the trays in decorative pots!

Plant Today-Harvest in just 7 Days
'Sunny' Sunflower Greens ready to eat.
I can grow fresh, organic greens in about 7 days. Imagine that, planting today and harvesting fresh greens in one week! In the winter or anytime I can add zesty flavor and great nutrition to my salads. With The Daily Gardener Sprout Kits you can too with the easy instructions included. See the pictures of Day 1 through Day 7 on The Daily Gardener page. There is a link for each variety of seed.
Harvest Time

The Daily Gardener Sprout Kits

The kits are designed to get you started growing quick and easy. Just add water to the soil and gardening seeds and you will be harvesting greens for your green salad recipes.


Garden by the Square Inch

I like to use the Square Foot Gardening method by Mel Bartholomew for my regular garden. When I was explaining what I was doing with soil-sprouts to one of my gardener friends, he started to laugh and said, "Now you are Square Inch Gardening!" That?s about right, I will have to admit, that when I plant the soil-sprouts I will count out seeds to plant just like I do in my garden! Check out the picture, that is 7 rows of 10, or 4 per square inch!


Sunflower seeds planted wtih points down.
Grow Soil-Sprouts All Year Long

It is tempting to consider soil-sprouts as only a winter garden but the fact is that they are great any time of the year and for those of you who cannot garden or do not have a garden plot, soil-sprouting can be your year round garden! And for you gardeners, since you know that the greens can be ready in a week you can use 'Soil-Sprouts' when you see you will be low on greens in the garden. Start a few pans to fill-in for salad greens, and you will be harvesting fresh greens in seven days!


Harvest time is Dinner time
The Daily Gardener Method
With The Daily Gardener Method you plant and harvest to keep fresh greens ready daily. No large trays are needed. This way you can have a steady supply of fresh organic greens. Choose the The Daily Gardener Kit to fit the size and needs of your houshold.
Get ready to garden all year long...everyday!

OVER THE FENCE: What others are saying about Daily Gardener Kits:

"Ellis (7) reads at about a fourth grade level. I asked him to read the directions to himself and then walk me through it as we followed the steps together. This was a great rainy day activity for us. The instructions were clear enough for him to do this and for us to successfully grow all four types of sprouts. (I think that's a pretty good measuring stick for the clarity of your instructions.) He commented that the pictures were cool and helpful (I agree). On the same day we started a Chia Pet that someone gave him for Christmas. Ellis wanted to "race them." For some reason we ended up with four pans of sprouts and a bald Chi Pet. I still don't know where we went wrong (with the Chia Pet)!  Anyway, we enjoyed all of the different sprouts. I do have to say this, though: I'm glad I tried the sampler. I have tried and have always loved sunflower sprouts and pea sprouts, but I have never tried radish sprouts before. They're not something that you'd want to try for the first time in a recipe, and I'm glad I got to taste them first. You can't just sample packaged foods in the store".- K in VT

"It was fall of last year when I was looking for something on the net and ran across a web site called The Daily Gardener. I saw they were growing salads on a window sill.  Now this is long after my fresh salads were long gone from my garden. Well they are really sprouts but let me tell you many a salad has come off my window sill since I ordered my first kit. I thought how could this work? Its does that's all I have to say! When I ordered my sampler kit and followed the directions I was amazed at the results. I could not wait until I ordered a larger kit and its been good eats ever since. I have enclosed some photos. After I read the Sunday paper I prepare my trays with soil,  plant my presoaked seeds and I am on a weekly schedule. I use the sprouts on salads with romaine or spinach. I also use them with my Chinese takeout, soups and all by them self. My favorite sprouts are: radish, peas, buckwheat and sunflower, all on a weekly basis. I also have tried others. The only other thought I would like to pass on is to follow the directions. Who ever come up with this idea has done all the thinking for you, and I am glad he did."  Ron in Pa


Whether you love nature, appreciate truly unique works of art, or simply want to enhance your relaxation, a fountain is an incredible addition to your garden. Fountains have been used for centuries to provide calming, aesthetically pleasing additions to many locations, connecting human-made spaces to the natural elements. Research has shown that bodies of water serve as sources of inspiration and tranquility, often having positive effects on mental and spiritual health. Displayed in your yard, garden fountains can complement the body’s natural affinity for water while providing a constant source of beauty and delight.

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